New TS 7″ in the works!

Jul 30

Hey everybody! TS just checking in to let ya know things are going well! We had been playing a ton of shows thru the spring into summer (hope ya caught one or two), hangin with good friends and making new ones wherever we can.  Recently we’ve been incubating and growing in different directions. Foremost, we must share that Lucky is no longer with us. He and his upright are on to other projects, and TS has decided to go it as a duo (for now?)  This, however, has not slowed us down! We’ve been conjuring demons and writing storms of new material, have finished mixing and mastering our latest bunch of recorded songs and are now sending them out to be pressed!  This new installment is entitled, “This Could Be Fire” and will be coming out as a 7″ on our own label, Burning Enterprises.  We have a few shows planned around our area over the next months while we finish writing another record that we will record in September. Check back here for the upcoming shows and updates.                                                                     As always, hope yer great! Can’t wait to hang again!

BE well, TS

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