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Mar 03

BACK from BeYoND with a buncha shows and a fistfull of new songs


HEY! HI! i’d like to take this spot here to welcome us all back to the TS website. thanks for stopping by! why is it for us all, you ask? well, it’s been a long year, lots of stuff, many great shows, plenty of real life and honestly, i just plain hate updating the website. sorry but truth is truth. have trouble with it. tends to not upload or crashes or disappears. i dunno. we’ll see if this rant ever stares sees your eyes on the other side.but we’re here and it’s now let’s get to it.

TOP SOiL is whatever we say it is these days. mostly i, squidd, play solo, but play with Jeff & Rich together and separately as TS. plus with some other friends, and i’ m interested in playing with more people as well. play something? wanna play with us sometime? lemme know.

currently finishing a lotta songs to be recorded this spring for a new TS record and a SQUiDD SUBJECT A 7″. we shall see. As for shows, i am playing a slew of solo shows in March. Four next week in fact! lets list em for ease:

Sunday March 9th: @Brighton Bar, Brighton, nj-Tail Light Rebellion, Squidd Subject A…

Tuesday March 11th: @Polish American Club, 329 Hugh st, Phoenixville, pA- Erik Petersen of Mischief Brew, Everymen, Goddamnit, Squidd Subject A

Wednesday March 12th: @Mill Hill Basement, Trenton, nj- Everymen, Tail Light Rebellion, Squidd Subject A…

Thursday March 13th@Shore Road Tavern, NEphilly – Everymen, Top Soil, Matt Rot

Friday March 21st: @Brighton Bar, nj- Dog Cages record release, Squidd Subject A…

Saturday March 29th:@the Fire, Girhard Ave, philly- Squidd Subject A, Cackhandler Happy, Luke Hendriks

plus one in April…

Wednesday April 9th @ FReedom 35, 10th & Cantrell st, South philly – Ghost Mice, Mischief Brew, Squidd Subject A + …more info to come

be well, friends

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Oct 06

SQuidd Subject A. solo October 9th!!!

just announced!

SQuidd will be playing a solo set with good bud and acoustic punker, Divided Heaven, at the Ship Inn in Milford, NJ  this coming Tuesday night October 9th! The set will run from 10-11pm split between SQuidd and Divided Heaven.

Anyone who’s not familiar with Divided Heaven check link below.  He’s an acoustic punk warrior named Jeff Berman fresh off a European tour and primed to rock you! Originally an east coaster and old friend of SQuidd’s, Jeff is former member of legendary philly punks, the Boils.  He moved to LA a few years back, but since the release of his latest record, Rival Cities, we’ve been seeing a lot more of him again back east. And that rules for us!  TOP SOil played with him in New Brunswick earlier this year and he really got the crowd goin!

Don’t miss it!!!




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Oct 03

New Top Soil 7″ out soon!

Squidd solo shows too!

Hey folks! In case ya haven’t heard you can see it here first, TS will be releasing a new 7″ this month on our community label, Burning Enterprises! Super syked we are to share it with you! Its called, This Could be Fire, and we couldn’t be happier with how its turned out.  No worries for those of you without a record player, digital download included! SO get the record to hang on yer wall! You can even choose from three colors! Black, Red or a swirl of the two. So check on back here soon or on Fbook, twit, bandcamp for details!

Also SQuidd just booked a solo show in Brooklyn on Saturday October 20th with Divided Heaven! No details yet except its a house show and its gonna rule! let ya know soon!

There may also be a local delaware river version of that show this coming Tuesday October 9th! Don’t miss it!

We”ll let ya know where. Top SOil drunken zombie

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Top Soil, Kill the Broadcast & Dave Cahill Sept 1st at John & Peter’s!

Aug 11

Top Soil, Kill the Broadcast and Dave Cahill Sewptember 1st John & Peter'sDon’t miss this huge night!

Saturday night, September 1st…live at John & Peter’s in New Hope, PA…3 hot live acts…Top Soil, Kill The Broadcast & Dave Cahill will start the night off at 9:45pm.  RSVP to the Facebook Event Here.

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Gowanis Ballroom tonight!!

May 12

Playing a show with Morgan O’kane. Doors open at 8 pm

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