TOP SOiL is a duo brought together by a river, a rat, and an spray-painted on the Old Oak Tree.   Top Soil’s sound is mix of punk, ska, and bluegrass.  The lyrics are part community, part politics, part daily life all illustrated through the connections between us all.   Top Soil’s music makes you want to jump out of you seat and skank, slam, or just plain dance!

Top Soil formed in 2008 when Squidd and Rich started jamming and writing songs on their spare time from making awesome food and tattoos. After life got busy they took a break and reformed in 2009 with the addition of Jeff Tareila on Bass. After ironing out about 10 songs in 2 weeks they played a party and it felt good. people dancing having a great time.Top Soil recorded their first album “Top Soil” in spring/summer 2009 with songs like “To all the men I loved before”and Ashland the band set its place in the folk/punk genre. Some people kept comparing TS to The Dead Milkmen and The Violent Femmes, all compliments. Top Soil has an old school sound with a elements of new music entwined with socially conscience  lyrics that will make you think. After pushing the album for a year and a half Top Soil recorded Their second album “Way Out” in 20010.The track “So Hot” inspired by the mortgage crisis, blends a ska/reggae feel with the hook blasting a punk vibe. Top Soil has solidified its unique sound with Way Out. Opening up for bands such as The Bouncing Souls,Them Darlins and Hoots and Hellmouth, TS can fit the bill with just about any band.

2012 brings a new frontier for Top Soil. With the recent line up change TS is playing as a Duo. With the absence of the bass, the music does not lack the same vibe it has always had. “Now There is more room on stage for us to dance”-TS fan. Squidd and Rich have a chemistry that can not go unnoticed. Top notch Guitar playing and lyrics by Squidd and killer drumming and backing vocals by Rich you would swear that 5 people where on stage.  Top Soil has about 13 new songs to record and plans on releaseing a 7 inch in the near future.



insane front man with acoustic guitar and dangerous dreads.

Squidd spent the last decade shredding electric guitar in international punk rock bands like Violent Society and THE NC-THIRTEENS. Mike started writing songs with acoustic guitar in mind and Top Soil was born in 2009.



Rich Cahill:

Drums,Backing Vocals.

Rich Cahill on drums and backing vocals. Rich is influenced by many genres of music including Jazz, and Afro Cuban. Which make for interesting folk punk grooves.





Top Soil has two Cd’s

Top Soil” (released 2009) and

Way Out!” (released 2011)

TOP SOiL kills fucking songs. Book us for your show and see!